Anyone who has experienced shoulder pain knows how painful and debilitating it can be. It can disturb your sleep, restrict your everyday activities due to pain and stiffness and limit your ability to work, exercise and play sport. ​If shoulder pain has been getting you down, Downs Physiotherapy can help.

Rotator Cuff Injury

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles that work together to provide stability to the shoulder and rotate the shoulder joint. This injury is common in Athletes who throw or play tennis, swimmers of all ages, workers doing repetitive actions with or without load and people aged between 40 and 70 with wear and tear of the tendons.

Rotator cuff degeneration and injury is a very common condition. It can be a difficult condition to manage and people often “put up with it” for many months until they decide to seek attention for it. In some cases, physiotherapy can prevent the need for surgery which is good news given that shoulder surgery can sometimes incur a year long recovery. ​Downs Physiotherapy performs a thorough assessment to determine the type and extent of your injury and to design a treatment plan. You will be taught exercises to improve the range of motion and strengthen the shoulder.

AC Joint Injury 

The AC joint is the point where the clavicle (collar bone) meets the scapular (shoulder blade). This joint can be injured by falling on the shoulder, elbow or onto an outstretched arm.

This injury is common in football and other contact sports. The usual treatment for this type of shoulder injury is rest, ice and strapping. 

Unstable Shoulder

Shoulder pain from an unstable shoulder occurs when the shoulder moves around a lot more than it should, especially when the person is active, for example, while swimming or throwing. Treatment is determined after a thorough assessment of the direction of the instability and the extent of the injury. 

Rehabilitation of any shoulder injury requires skilled management from a health professional and an earnest commitment to recovery from the patient. Patients are referred from throughout Southern Queensland to Downs Physiotherapy where experience and the latest techniques are combined to maximise positive results for patients, including those requiring pre-operative and post-operative shoulder surgery treatment.