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Downs Physiotherapy Toowoomba

Physiotherapist and APA Sports Physiotherapist

David has a particular interest in sports injuries, injuries in adolescent's, hip and knee injuries, back and neck pain as well as swimming, running, hockey and rugby injuries. David received his physiotherapy degree from Sydney University.

​Further study resulted in David gaining his Certificate in Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy from the McKenzie Institute and a Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy at Latrobe University. David has also completed his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy.

David has been the regional physiotherapy provider for the Queensland Academy of Sport, Swimming Queensland, and Toowoomba Grammar School for 12 years. Professionally, David has been actively involved in Sports Medicine Australia and the Australian Physiotherapy Association, having convened the VI International Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference in July 2000.

David Veal

10 March 2022
Downs Physiotherapy Toowoomba