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Downs Physiotherapy Toowoomba

Physiotherapist, APA Sports Physiotherapist, and APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Casey graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement Studies. After a few years of working in Gyms, she moved on to her Master of Physiotherapy Studies.

Casey then made the move to Toowoomba and started with Downs Physiotherapy and Peak Performance in 2007. She has since completed her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and then came on board as a Director of the practice.

Casey has a keen interest in lower limb and sporting injuries. She also has a particular interest in knee injuries after personal experience with an ACL injury and subsequent surgery to her right knee.

She is currently a physiotherapist for the Toowoomba Grammar School 1st XV. Casey has also worked with the USQ Rugby Club since 2007 providing physiotherapy triage and treatment at trainings. She has also worked with the South West Queensland Touch Football since 2007 providing treatment at representative carnivals.

Casey Helmore

10 March 2022
Downs Physiotherapy Toowoomba