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Common symptoms of a lumbar sprain or strain

  • Pain in the lower back and upper buttocks or legs.

  • Low back muscle spasm. 

  • Pain with activities and generally goes away with rest.


Factors that contribute to lumbar spine injuries

  • Sudden forceful movement. 

  • Lifting a heavy object improperly. 

  • Twisting the back. 

  • A ruptured disc.


Other factors that contribute to lumbar spine injuries

  • Lack of conditioning. This can cause the back to 'give out' during physical exercise or work activities. 

  • Obesity. Excess weight leads to poor posture which puts strain on the muscles, causing injury.

The spine is made up of a network of structures, vertebrae, discs, ligaments, muscles and nerves. The lumbar spine withstands a great amount of strain during movement. A lumbar spine injury may take the form of a muscle strain; a disc injury or a lumbar sprain may occur in which the ligaments are torn and the joint is injured. A lumbar spine injury leads to low back pain and loss of function.


Back Pain

Downs Physiotherapy Toowoomba